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Information campaign on the "Sustainable Europe" vision

In the last month of this year, I would like to introduce you to the vision for sustainable development of the European Union, which includes strategic goals and principles for achieving a balance between economic growth, social well-being and environmental protection. This idea aims to create a region where people live in harmony with nature and enjoy a high quality of life.

The "Sustainable Europe" vision is based on the principles of sustainable growth, taking into account the balance between the economic, social and environmental aspects of development. It is implemented through the implementation of strategies and measures, as well as through the active role of EU institutions, national governments and public organizations.

The Sustainable Europe vision and the climate are integral parts of the European Union's quest for a sustainable future. The "Sustainable Europe" vision aims to achieve sustainable development in the European Union, which means a balance between economic growth, social well-being and environmental protection. It recognizes that the growth and well-being of society must be aimed at achieving sustainability on a long-term basis.

A sustainable economy is one of the key pillars of Europe's sustainability strategy. It aims to maintain the stability and growth of the economy on a long-term basis. This includes creating jobs, promoting innovation and supporting the competitiveness of businesses. A sustainable economy seeks to ensure that economic growth does not cause excessive environmental strain. It promotes the transition to greener production methods and technologies that reduce negative impacts on the environment, including reducing carbon emissions and protecting biodiversity, in order to achieve balanced development that ensures well-being and prosperity for current and future generations.

There is a close connection between the vision of "Sustainable Europe" and the concept of the circular economy. Both Sustainable Europe and the circular economy promote an integrated approach that brings together the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability. This approach aims to combine economic prosperity with respect for nature and the well-being of society. So, the vision of "Sustainable Europe" and the circular economy are respectively strategic and economic models that complement and support each other to achieve a sustainable and smart future for Europe and the world.

And in conclusion, I would like to draw attention to how each of us can contribute to the achievement of the vision of "Sustainable Europe"? The ordinary European citizen can take a number of simple but important steps to help create a more sustainable Europe. Among them are:

  • Installing energy efficient appliances and insulating the home can reduce energy consumption and electricity and heating bills;

  • Using public transport, bicycles or shared cars can reduce emissions from personal transport and reduce air pollution;

  • Recycling waste and reducing excess packaging help reduce waste;

  • Choosing products that are sustainably produced and with a lower ecological footprint can promote sustainable manufacturing practices;

  • A preference for locally produced foods and products can promote sustainable farming and manufacturing practices.

The information campaign is carried out with the support of the "Renew Europe" group in the European Parliament.


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