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A conversation with Assoc. Dr. Vasil Traikov, chairman of the Society of Cardiologists in Bulgaria

At the invitation of the Management Board of the Society of Cardiologists in Bulgaria, I attended the opening of an interactive exhibition "Vote for Cardiovascular Health 2024", organized by the European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health (EACH). A series of meetings at the European Parliament in Strasbourg dedicated to cardiovascular health were also planned as part of the event.

The presented data and graphs complement the message of cardiologists in Europe - cardiovascular diseases are a scourge for the health of European citizens. The data for Bulgaria are particularly disturbing.

It is necessary to support a comprehensive strategy and a set of measures to help prevent cardiovascular diseases both at the European and national level.

Special thanks to Prof. Vasil Traikov for the invitation, our constructive conversation and his strong position for a new vision in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.


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