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European Year of Skills (2023)

My team and I have designated June 2023 as a month dedicated to the European Year of Skills (2023) initiative, because I believe that skills development is a very important topic that deserves attention.

Did you know that 2023 has been declared the European Year of Skills?

The acquisition of knowledge and skills is of utmost importance for the European Union, as it enables to strengthen competitiveness, to cooperate with businesses and to find a balance between their needs and people's aspirations, so as to ensure that skills meet labor market needs. Also to attract to our continent people from third countries with skills and talents needed by the EU.

More information about the European Year of Skills (2023) can be found on my web page - or on the official pages of the initiative and the European institutions. The information campaign is carried out with the support of the Renew Europe group in the European Parliament.


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