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About me

I am an Christian and have been brought up in the values ​​of Christianity, personal responsibility and human empathy. I am fortunate to be a wife and mother and proud of my family. My life is full of many journeys, dear friendships for me, small successes, disappointments, support and accumulation of a lot of knowledge and experience that help me to be who I am. Even as a student in the beautiful northern St. Petersburg, then Leningrad, I learned an important lesson - different culture is not a hindrance, getting to know each other and being a wealth. Knowledge of different traditions and customs can only teach us to be more tolerant and to make us wiser. Knowledge of languages, knowledge of people of different nationalities, cultures and religions is the most wonderful way to enrich your own culture and outlook.

This experience of mine from my early college years was confirmed everywhere in the world where I had the good fortune to study, to work, to communicate, to represent my positions, to represent my country - in the countries of the European Union, in Israel, in the USA, in Georgia , in China.
I believe that our different personalities, faiths, traditions, customs, cultures, together make up the riches of our world. Thank you to all my friends from all over Europe and the world who have gifted me with their friendship and expanded my tiny world
Perhaps this is why I wholeheartedly embrace the idea of ​​a European Union - uniting differences in the name of prosperity and development. That is why I am a supporter of the free movement of people and I support all common European initiatives and programs for exchange and cooperation.

For me, education is a value. The right to education is the right of every human being, which enables him to choose his future, to build and to change for good.

I support the European Union's goals in the field of education, science and innovation, because I am convinced that only in this way we can guarantee a future for our countries and for the whole EU. For many years I have worked for the implementation of the European regional cohesion policy in Bulgaria. I am convinced that it benefits our country, that there is a future, and that there is still a need to realize its importance for our country and for Europe as a whole and to build a stable knowledge of the effects of cohesion policy.


To be the Chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Regional Development is an honor and a challenge for me. I thank everyone with whom I have had the honor of working as an expert, as a Deputy Minister, as a Member of Parliament, as a Minister. I rely on their professionalism in the future.

I believe in the power of free enterprise and I know that every person would prefer to work and earn with dignity rather than waiting for aid and alms. I have always worked for this and I have also sought the support of the people who have elected me as MP. I would like to thank all the friends of the Pazardzhik constituency who have given me their trust, everyone who has supported me and a representative in the European Parliament. Free initiative is part of the freedom of the modern man. I know that there are as yet unused opportunities for Bulgarian citizens through the support of European Structural and Investment Funds for competitiveness.

Last but not least, I believe in the sustainable development of Europe, in green technologies, in green investments and green culture, which will naturally lead to new growth based on protecting our planet and using resources effectively and efficiently.
Nature was generous to the lands of my Bulgaria. I know that we can do this to protect our nature and guarantee prosperity and development. We just have to learn how to do it.
May God give us strength!



Education (qualifications and diplomas)
1977-1980 : SAINT-PETERSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY OF CULTURE AND ARTS, Master’s in Library Studies and Information Technologies, Postgraduate professional qualifications in the USA and Germany
Professional career
1980-1996 : SS. CYRIL AND METHODIUS NATIONAL LIBRARY, Research Associate
1996-1997 : MINISTRY OF CULTURE, Senior Expert
1998-2001 : NATIONAL SOCRATES AGENCY, Senior Expert - Erasmus and Minerva Programmes
Political career
Offices held in a regional assembly

2001-2005 : MINISTRY OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS, Adviser to the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works
2005-2009 : MINISTRY OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works
Offices held in a national parliament

2009-2013 : NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA, Member of Parliament, Movement of Rights and Freedoms, Chair of the Committee on Environment and Water, Member of the Committee on European Affairs
2013-2014 : MINISTRY OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND WATER, Minister of the Environment and Water
Offices held in the EU institutions

2014-... : EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, Member of the European Parliament, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), Chair of the Committee on Regional Development (REGI)
Other activities
Fund for Local Authorities and Governments (FLAG), Member of the management board; National Council on Ethnic and Demographic Affairs, Member of the management board; Tolerance Association, Executive Director

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