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Meet the digital information "counter" 

What is it 

The term originated in the United States in the late 1920s or early 1930s to describe a business model that offered customers the convenience of meeting multiple needs in one place instead of having to "drive all over the Internet." “To achieve related services in different stores. Nowadays, the phrase is used as slang to describe everything from websites to TV shows, where users can find in one place most of what they need, including information

How it works 

You can easily and quickly find all the available information regarding the initiatives supported by Ms. Mihailova in one place, presented to users in an accessible and easy way. 

What will you find in it

Here you will find all the information concerning the activities of Ms. Iskra Mihaylova, all important initiatives and projects such as the Green Deal for the European Union, the Wave of Renovation and many other important topics part of the fast-paced European daily life.

Make your choice 

You can easily and quickly choose a topic that interests you and find a lot of useful information as well as useful links about your search. Try it, it's easy!

Be active! Take an interest 

The topics you will find here are important and are of great importance for the daily life and prosperity of every European. Be informed so that you can defend your views and views. 

Pass it on!

Share with your friends, colleagues or family and pass on the important information that you will find here in the e-counter. 


Media center

Media Center

Бъдещето на Европа

Бъдещето на Европа

Избори в Европа

Избори в Европа

Ръководство финансиране

Ръководство за финансиране - програми

Кръгова икономика

Кръгова икономика в строителството

Mandate Report

Mandate Report

Green Rooftop

Зелената сделка на Европа


Вълна от реновиране

Дигитална трансформация

Дигитална трансформация


#MeetRE - алманах


Опазване на културното наследство


Вълна от саниране - ниско въглеродна европа

Renew Europe_Burgas_108

Конференция "Youth_22"

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